Welcome to The Ho Bo Woods – A Novel

Coleman Mitchell The Ho Bo WoodsI would like to welcome you to Coleman Mitchell Books. The first book which is already available on AMAZON is called The Ho Bo Woods.

What’s it about? Let me tell you….

The Ho Bo Woods is the story of a man, the choices he makes, and the promises he keeps. It is a story of secrets, struggle and passion, played out against a global canvas from dark, dangerous jungles to the violent war on terror. But there are also moments of deep reflection, eternal love, and ultimately self-awareness. This is a story that will resonate with anyone who has ever made a choice, kept a promise, or loved deeply.

I invite you to read the first chapter….just click here….and you will find yourself in a blazing jungle, transported back to the war in Vietnam where you will meet Kelly….and begin the ¬†journey of adventure with him.

Enjoy! And Buy!

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