About Ho Bo Woods

Promises, choices and decisions constitute the very core of our human experience. However, have you ever honored a promise so horrid it’s memory buried itself into some deep, dark and impenetrable cavern in your mind? A promise unremembered, but hauntingly ever present?

Kelly O’Brian did. This is his story from the beginning to the very end. And both will surprise you.

Birthed in war, but not a war story it all begins during the most violent days of the Vietnam War, in a dark and brutal corner of jungle known as the Ho Bo Woods. It was a place that drowned men in their own blood. Few escaped that dense, dark green death. Kelly was one of the lucky ones. He got out with his life but not with his soul. He left his soul behind under a tree where it would stay for over thirty years until one day he came back to find it.

This book chronicles his journey back to that beginning. It takes him to the calm of Florida beaches, sailboats, and brilliant blue waves. It takes him to the violence of a South American wilderness. It takes him to exotic cities across Europe. It books him on a flight hijacked by rabid terrorists. Along the way he encounters passion, deep and eternal love, friendship, and loyalty. And then, it takes him back to where it all began – deep in the Ho Bo Woods.

Take the ride. You and Kelly. You won’t be disappointed and you may well meet yourself as you turn the pages of this book.

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